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Search me! [Jul. 28th, 2005|11:33 am]
Gal Development


[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

As part of the "New and Awesome Things" program that I just made up, I fiddled with a few things and got gal_dev working with LjSEEK.COM. LjSEEK.COM is a site that archives public entries from the RSS feeds of journals, and makes them totally searchable. After a bit of the same fiddling, I got every post in gal_dev archived in LjSEEK.COM, and they've all been indexed for searching. So...

To search the entries of this community, use the following form:

in gal_dev
Get your own code

A few small issues:
  • Generally, all posts will be archived fairly soon. However, it usually takes about a day for a post to become searchable. You should check the recent entries of the community (use your browser to search the page) if you can't find something with LjSEEK.COM.
  • RSS feeds of journals only have 25 entries, and small communities (such as this one) tend to be indexed about once a week. So if we start getting a lot of posts, we might have to moderate posting for a short time until LjSEEK.COM knows to keep up (all posts will be approved, just not all at once). But this is very unlikely, since I think it would be a gradual thing and LjSEEK.COM would catch it before it happened.
  • If you post in this community and want your post to be indexed as soon as possible, you can automatically insert the community into the spidering queue by clicking here.