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Backup Gal's data [Mar. 31st, 2005|10:08 pm]
Gal Development
Backup Gal's data

IRC Command:

When a change of Gal's info data (anything stored in a hash table), she writes whatever change has just taken place to a text file. When !restore is used, Gal goes through and executes the actions listed in the text file line by line. Eventually, Gal replaying each action ever occuring becomes slow, so this function was created. !backup causes Gal to create a file with an automatically-generated copy of the hash tables, clear the !restore file that it has been using, and make the first line of the new !restore file a command to load the automatically-generated file. Any new changes are added line by line to be restored after the automatically-generated file. This speeds up the process of !backup. Questions about this function should be directed to remark.

Contributed by deadmantalks. Edited 4/1/05 upon explanation from remark. Edited 1/7/06 by remark